21st Century 95 Points of Light : Point of Light #30

Beating-Heart_thumb.gifAs much as YOU have heart to serve God and Jesus in our day

and time, while we are alive in the 21st Century – Your

statement of The Faith is still in the darkness of the 16th

Century. How can YOU still continue to teach the lie of a 3

persons in one God? Do YOU really have integrity?

There is no 3 persons in ONE God – There is God our Father

whom is Spirit and created the heavens and earth in the

beginning, Jesus our Lord whom was born of “the seed of the

woman” in fulfillment of the prophecy of God Himself to

Adam & Eve and Dark Angel in Genesis 3:15.

We have “spiritual” fellowship with God and Jesus by Jesus

baptizing us with holy spirit since the day of Pentecost. This

“spirit” which is the love of God put in our heart – Romans 5:5

never existed in us before we believed God raised His only

begotten son Jesus from the dead and confess Jesus is Lord –

meaning Lord of the Cosmos.

There is only ONE Spirit in the entire universe – The ONE

True God of Israel whom is ONE Spirit- not 3 persons in ONE.

Your so-called Trinitarian third person of the trinity does not

exist – we are the third person of a trinity:

God – Jesus and Us. We have actual “spiritual” fellowship

with God and Jesus by our spiritual birth of holy spirit. This

gift of “holy spirit” is administered to us by Jesus our Lord.

Man cannot administer this spiritual birth of holy spirit.

The lie of a 3 persons, Trinitarian, Polythestic non-existent

God seen on most web sites in their Statement of Faith is that

God whom is the ONE Holy Spirit in the entire universe-

Jesus & a non-existent 2nd Holy spirit are i.e.:

There is ONE God – true

Eternally existing in 3 Persons – False

Jesus our Lord did not actually exist until he was born of the

“seed of the woman” whom was Mary. The seed of a woman is

a human being and only a human being. Furthermore, Jesus

did not receive the gift of holy spirit from God his Father until

he was baptized by John the Baptist.

Trinitarians state there is a 2nd Holy Spirit outside of us –


Our gift of spiritual birth of holy spirit – small h and small s –

is inside of us and only came into existence when Jesus

administered this gift of holy spirit to us.

I command YOU as the Apostle Paul has commanded us :

Walk in the spirit by the light of the 9 manifestations and 9

fruit of the spirit of which YOU are born. This holy spirit

inside of us is the “holy spirit” of TRUTH from God and Jesus

as Jesus our Lord told the apostles while he was alive on


Are YOU committed to the Bonds of Fellowship with God and Jesus or to a lie from Dark Angel?heart-love-for-godjesus-tue-11-sep-20122

About James R Cathey

Greetings in the love of Yahweh Almighty God the ONE Eternal Spirit our Father, His son Jesus the Messiah & Lord of the Cosmos and the bonds of spiritual fellowship we have by our baptism of holy spirit by : This holy spirit is the love of The ONE True God whom is Spirit IN OUR Heart Romans 5:5 I have been an Ordained Minister since 1975 of Jesus our Lord of the Cosmos who is the leader of The Church of His Body in America and the World Made it to college in 1968. This was where I developed a passion for biblical research. In 1969, Scott Ross came to our campus to speak. Scott was a popular radio show host in New York City, NY, USA. He told us about his deliverance from certain death of a drug overdose. He consequently made a confession of Faith and commitment to the bonds of fellowship. What happened after his departure left me upset and confused. Our campus fellowship was split in half. One half believed in the healing by the spirit and the other half did not believe. This confusion is what started me on my path to research what Yahweh Almighty God the ONE Eternal Spirit has given us according to His Word - not the word of men. I married and entered the military in 1972 - have 2 girls and 2 boys in that order - have 5 grand children - 3 boys and 2 girls - live in SE FL - will let you know when I am in NY - love walking on the beach and listening to the surf - - Love riding my bicycle - love jazz - rock-n-roll and @ Heart-Country - Love live theater - movies and movie stars and by association - Hollywood CA USA - My Heart belongs to only ONE woman on the face of the earth - I am Married since 2016 - I am loyal - Faithful and endeavor to walk in the spirit - I am into heart to heart - Heart to Heart with the ONE True God our Father and His son Jesus our Lord - and one another I am trained in organizational management - conflict resolution -addiction counseling - Biblical & Spiritual Counseling & Ph D in Systematic Theology which includes Israelology, Churchology, Covenant Theology & Dispensational Theology Yours in the Bonds of Fellowship James R Cathey, ThD PhD, Ordained Minister of Jesus our Lord since 1975 Ordained by a Prophet of Jesus in the presence of many witnesses I have put the light of THE FAITH online @ http://wlf1989.org/1.html
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